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Stewie and Brian by InvaderErin2314
Stewie and Brian
I know it SUCKS!, ill redraw it VERY soon...
I ship these two for some reason.... Is that weird? and im also going to me making a Fanfic about stewie and Brian! :3
Minty  by InvaderErin2314
My friend also drew this, and if she ever sees this I would like to say thank you! 😊
Summer wolf by InvaderErin2314
Summer wolf
Summer is a wolf, my friend Veronica made and drew she doesn't have a account and I think my friend should get fame for a little bit! 😊
Finally it was Christmas Eve, That means it would be Christmas tomorrow, I always loved Christmas especially the snow, I was bored so I played video games and watched jacksepticeye (if you don't like jack put in ur fav youtuber), I then thought of an idea!, how about I try to get Zim out of his house and we could celebrate Christmas!, It sounded like a good idea but im sure zim would not like the idea....I guess I will just have to try. I then walked upstairs and took a shower, after I took my shower I got in my pajamas and walked over to my bed and then fell asleep. 

                                                                                                Time Skip (lazy me :P)
I was woken up by my alarm clock, and jumped out of bed happy, I then got some comfy/warn clothes and headed out the door to Zim's house. Once I had finally reached Zim's door bell I rang it and waited for Zim or Gir to answer.

                                                                                                 Zim's POV (you: Finally! Me: sorry!)
My antenna twitched as I heard my doorbell ring, I was about to go answer it until Gir answered it for me, As I came to the door I found Y/N standing there happy, As I was about to ask what she was doing here, She happily hugged me and shouted MERRY CHRISTMAS!, Umm excuse me Y/N but, WHAT IN IRK ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!?, Merry Christmas Zim! she said again, What's Christmas? She was a little surprised but happy?, Well... I intupted her and said well im going to do research, but that still doesn't say what your doing here. Well I thought me and you could go shopping and all that stuff. Oh well the almighty ZIM is busy.... I looked up at Y/N and saw her doing puppy eyes... Dang it Y/N, Fine we will go around the disgusting city.she shouted yay while jumping up and down. I then went inside for a moment and then came back outside with my blue eyes and wing on and walked on the sidewalk with Y/N.

                                                                                                              Y/N POV
As me and zim walked in the city, I noticed everyone was holding hands, This made me sad for a reason,I kind of have a little crush on zim, I guess Zim noticed this and asked what was wrong, Nothings wrong zim I said to him. He then said are you sure your not lying to the ALMIGHTY ZIM?, I laughed and smiled at him and said no.

                                                                                                      Time Skip to some were!
As I was looking at all the stuff through the shopping windows, I heard zim mumbling something to himself and I saw him shivering so I walked over to him and put my red scarf around him, He looked up at me surprised. What is this thing around my neck? zim asked, well its called a scarf and its to keep you warm I said happily, I then said to him we should go home, Why? zim asked, Well nothing is open... Oh zim said, But you can have Christmas dinner together im sure you can bring Gir!. Zim agreed to this and we both ran to his house to get Gir. We ran to his house laughing. Once we had gotten to his house He ran inside and ran outside laughing with Gir in his arms. We then ran to my house

                                                                                                             Y/N POV
It may have taken awhile but I finally made 200 waffles and bacon, since zim cant eat meat or else he will burn, I then put 2 waffles on my plate, and 3 for zim and for Gir 10 (:I). I brought my plate and Zim's plate out for us to eat and I brought out Girs plate of waffles and bacon. As I was eating my waffles, I Looked up to see zim poking at his waffles. What's wrong zim? I asked, Nothing is wrong zim is fine
                                                                                                              Zims POV
As Y/N finished eating (and after zim was eating)(Gir was just eating all the food so it will take him  a while to finish) Me and her decided to watch a movie, We both deisded to watch F/C/M (fav Christmas movie), During the middle of the movie I decided to ask why she was being so nice to me.
                                                                                                              Y/N POV
As I was watching the movie, Zim asked me a question, Why are you so nice to me Y/N?, This made me scared, I guess its time to tell zim the truth. I turned to zim and asked him if he was sure he wanted to hear the truth. He nodded his head fast, I then did a move I thought was crazy. I kissed him on the lips real quick and looked back at him and said I loved him. I then felt a pair of lips on my own. I looked up to see zim kissing me I then kissed back, We then pulled back and looked at echother and snuggled and we both adventuly fall asleep snuggling
                                                                                                            THE END
A/N: Hey and first of all I would like to say merry Christmas, and yes I wrote this on Christmas eve and I thought this was a good idea....It still is a good idea, And I hope a lot of people still remember this show cuz if they don't then that was a waste of 3 hours of my life...Oh well I enjoyed doing this! I might be doing more of these I just need ideas and people reading this..... MERRY CHRISTMAS! Zim: MERRY X-MAS!


United States

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